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Welcome to the latest edition of The Notion Club! Here, we bring you the latest tips, resources, and insights to help you make the most out of your Notion experience.

Tip of The Week: Recurring Tasks

Are you repeatedly tracking the same task every week or month?

You can automate the creation of these recurring tasks in Notion.

If it's your first time or if you're still a bit unsure about how to set up recurring tasks in Notion, check out this video tutorial below.

Feature of The Week: "Notion Phone"

This is my current iPhone home screen.

When I showed this to people online, some started calling it the "Notion phone".

If you want to turn your phone into a "Notion phone", check out my latest tutorial on my Instagram.

Latest in Notion: Notion Calendar

Have you had a chance to check out the Notion Calendar?

Notion Calendar

I have a YouTube video on it coming next week, just some editing left to do.

Stay tuned for more Notion updates and resources from The Notion Club.

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