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Introducing Notion Calendar

We can finally sync our Notion databases with an actual calendar app.

Notion Calendar

This feature is particularly helpful for me as it allows me to see my content calendar in Notion alongside my meetings and events.

Another example is if you're a student, you can sync important deadlines and exam dates between Notion and your calendar.

Free Notion Templates for Notion Calendar

1. Workout Tracker

You can plan ahead your workout routines and exercises and schedule them from Notion to your calendar.

2. Content Calendar

If you're a content creator like me, Notion is the perfect tool to collect ideas, script videos, and plan your content calendar.

Now you can easily see what you're publishing on each day.

Content Calendar

3. Student Dashboard

Mark down the deadline of each assignment or exam so you don't miss a deadline and can easily count down to it.

Student Dashboard

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