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Setting up Second Brain in Notion and Latest Notion Updates

Hi Notion friends,

Welcome to the latest edition of The Notion Club! Here, we bring you the latest tips, resources, and insights to help you make the most out of your Notion experience.

New Video: Second Brain Full Setup Tour

This week's video is slightly longer at 20 minutes!

I'll guide you through my complete Second Brain in Notion, covering setup, capturing, processing, and retrieval.

Even if you don't use the Second Brain template, this video can show you the potential in Notion, which I believe can inspire you!

Pick of The Week: Second Brain 5.0

Here's an overview of my new Second Brain Notion setup.

Second Brain 5.0

This new template is refined not so much in appearance but fundamentally or the backend in technical terms.

These improvements showcase two key lessons that anyone can apply to their Notion workspace.

The first lesson is keeping information in atomic size.

This involves encouraging the breakdown of information and knowledge into individual notes and ideas instead of consolidating it on one lengthy page. This approach enhances our ability to establish more connections between existing knowledge and new additions to our Second Brain.

Hence, there is now a more frequent use of the gallery view for Notes, displaying each individual note's content without the need to open each page.

The second lesson is organizing for action.

This involves linking useful notes and references to projects, goals, and relevant areas to surface relevant information when taking action. This utilizes the relation property and linked database views to display related information from other databases, enabling you to view linked notes on your project page.

Hence, there are now more relation properties and rollup properties to facilitate connecting different types of information.

Latest in Notion: Hide Page Icon and Show Properties Before Name Property

Notion has added the ability to hide the page icon and display properties before the name property on your database views.

This change makes it easier for you to check off your tasks.

Let me show you what I mean.

First, go to the layout of your database view to turn off the page icon.

Show/Hide Page Icon

Next, go to properties and rearrange your checkbox property to be before the name property.

Rearrange Shown Properties

This will place the checkbox directly in front of each task, enabling you to mark it complete from there.

Stay tuned for more Notion updates and resources from The Notion Club.

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